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Barfly Judge

Have you ever been in a bar, supermarket (frozen-foods section), funeral home, or workplace and see an incredible hotty (or notty) that you'd like to show your appreciation for but just didn't have the ba... (ahem) guts to do so verbally? Do you have a friend who does their part FOR global warming with methane emissions and you just can't find the words to complement him/her on it?

Now you can "be the judge of that." Imagine wielding the power that comes along with being the judge without all of that responsibility stuff. 

* THIS ONE GOES TO 11! That's one more than the others.
* Quickly select a rating with a simple up or down swipe gesture on the main view.
* Don't want to think about it... Just shake and get a random rating.
* Flipside view for selecting a rating when you have more time and want to see the cool animation you bought the iPhone/iTouch for
* Supports device rotation

For support, please contact or file a Problem Report.
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