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iShare Contacts


iShare Contacts allows you to selectively share any or all of your address book entries with others via e-mail.
For example, a coworker needs some customer contact information. You (being the resourceful person you are) whip out your iPhone/iPod, open iShare Contacts, and select all contacts from a given company or e-mail domain and mail them off. It's that easy.

Put simply, when the application launches you're presented with a list of contacts from which you can filter and select contacts to be shared. Once selected and the mail-icon is tapped, an e-mail is composed with the selected contacts attached. All you do is choose who to send it to and click "Send." 

The best part: If you mail these contacts to another iPhone/iPod Touch user, they will be able to import them into their address book directly from the mail attachment.

* Search by First/Last Name, Company, or E-mail address
* Convenient "Select All", "Un-Select All", and "Invert Selection" toolbar buttons.
* Stand-alone app. No need to use a web browser on another machine to share your contacts.

Planned future enhancements:
* Change which contact fields are exported.
* More output formats such as csv and ldif.

* iPhone/iPod Touch with OS 4.0 or later
* E-mail account configured on your device

Please refer all problems/questions to or file a Problem Report.

Note: We have received bad reviews based on interoperability with Yahoo Mail and Lotus Notes. The Lotus Notes problem is under investigation. For Yahoo mail, the problem stems from a lack of vCard integration between mail and contacts. The basic procedure is to save the .vcf attachment from your Yahoo mail account locally and then import it through the Mail Options panel as outlined in this document: